Howdy Austin!
Come Play Padel with us.

Yes, pickleball is America's craze right now. We love it too. But Padel is the whole world's fastest-growing sport for a reason. We at Sensa Padel are thrilled to be building our own facility in Cedar Park. We can't wait to welcome you there in 2024.

While we eagerly await our courts and club, let's get you on the Padel court now so you can see and experience what it's all about! We've partnered with our friends at Polo Tennis Club on 290 in Southwest Austin and can make this happen now.

Share your details and pick a preferred playtime below. Feel like a different time? Just drop a comment, and we'll make it happen. We'll reach out soon to confirm. Don't forget to invite your friends to join in the fun! 

Stay Updated!

We're currently buried in gravel, padel walls and pickleball mats working to get live near you as soon as possible. We'll come up for air and keep you informed on when it's time to dust off your padel shoes and book your court. 
Please fill in the form below and be the first to know.