Mastering the Bandeja: Secure the net, Control the Game 

For starters ... What is a Bandeja?
A bandeja is a defensive smash played from the back of the court with the main goal to regain your net position. Make my life easier and watch the clip below!
In the thrilling padel arena, the Bandeja emerges as your trusty ally to hold down the net even when your opponents play a lob that is too deep for a normal smash. Whether you're a seasoned padel enthusiast or just embarking on your padel journey, this guide is your passport to mastering the Bandeja. Our goal is to help you perfect the Bandeja, ensuring that the net remains in your capable hands while keeping your rivals on their toes. Let's dive into the art of mastering one of the most iconic shots in padel.
Step 1: Positioning and Preparation 🎯
The opening act of the Bandeja is securing your position. From your ready stance, the moment you discern that a Bandeja is in order, pivot gracefully so that your feet are perpendicular to the net. Raise your elbow to the height of your shoulder, with the racket pointing skyward and its face aligned to the court's side. Simultaneously, sidestep to position yourself perfectly. The primary objective? Guarding the net and thwarting any ambitions your opponents have of seizing control. 
Step 2: The Backswing 🛡️
As the ball approaches, make sure your elbow remains elevated, and your non-racket arm points steadfastly at the ball, lending you a stable foundation for the impending shot. One of the most common mistakes with the Bandeja is to hit the ball when it is already under the shoulder. 
Step 3: Contact and Follow-Through 🧹
Keep the ball in front of you and as it reaches the height of your eyes, execute the shot while focusing on your follow-through. Here's the secret: your racket should make contact beneath the ball. As you follow through, your racket should conclude its journey at your opposite shoulder, almost as if you were elegantly wrapping a scarf around your neck.
Step 4: Ball Placement and Control 👥
The Bandeja's allure lies in its precision. You're the artist, and your canvas is the court. This meticulously controlled shot keeps the ball low, giving you time to get into position for your next shot. 
Step 5: Ready Position for the Next Move 🎾
Having executed the Bandeja, swiftly transition back to the net and get back into an offensive position. Your agility and alertness are your shields, poised to deflect any counter-attacks.
Step 6: Practice and Patience 📐
Mastery of the Bandeja comes with practice. Don't be discouraged if it doesn't click immediately. Consistent training and match play will help you refine your skills and understand when and how to strategically employ this shot.
In the world of padel, mastering the Bandeja is your key to securing the net and taking control of the game. The defensive Bandeja allows you to get back to the net to be offensive - that's the art of padel. This iconic shot, when executed with precision and style, will keep your opponents on their toes and showcase your unique playing style. The more you practice the nuances of different shots, the more you’ll enjoy padel; it's about the artistry, the positioning, and the follow-through. As you refine your Bandeja, you'll find that it adds a touch of SENSAtion to your game.

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